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E Komo Mai (Welcome)
Hawai'ian Healing Essence is where I offer Ancient and Secret healing treatments, as taught by
Kahuna O'Kanai Aupuni Iwi'ula.
These Teachings of Traditional Hawai'ian Spiritiality and Healings have been passed down through the generations of Aupuni's 'ohana (family).  Typically, this knowledge was taught by the wahine (women) of Kumu (Teacher) Aupuni's 'ohana (family).  Kumu Aupuni was only the second kane (male) in over 200 years to teach this sacred knowledge of Healing and  Spiritual Enlightenment.
Photograph by Haumea
It is with the permission of his Aunties, 
who taught him, that Kumu (Teacher) Aupuni shared the sacred knowledge of his ancestors at his school, 
Halau o Limaloa.
It is with his permission that I offer the Healings & Mana (Spiritual Power) that were shared with me.
Lomilomi (traditional Hawai'ian Healing) differs 
in style and technique amongst the 'ohana (family),
 in the Hawai'ian Culture.  Many of the Massage Therapists who practice in Hawai'ian Spa's 
have been trained by Auntie Margaret Machado,
 or one of her teachers.
 There are over 250 different types of Hawai'ianLomilomi.
*To see a demonstration of Iwi-ula Style Hawai'ian Lomilomi: Click Here
In autumn of 2005, I began studies under Kumu Kana'i Aupuni 'Iwi'ula.  From October 2005 - June 2007, I attended a series of classes.  This  included a 5 day retreat on Moloka'i Island, learning the nearly forgotten Ancient Hawai'ian Spirituality called Ho'omana.  These teachings have been passed down through Kumu Aupuni's 'ohana (family) since before 1200 AD.
Graduation from the one and a half year long Ho'mana Program was a prerequisite for enrollment in training classes for 'Iwi'ula-Style Hawai'ian Lomilomi.  I was a student of the Traditional Hawai'ian Lomilomi classes from July, 2007 - August 2009.  After 'uniki (graduation) from the Traditional Hawai'ian Lomilomi Classes, I attended an on-going class called "Ho'omana Lifestyle".  This class incorporated previous Teachings as well as advanced training, in Traditional Hawai'ian Spirituality and Hawai'ian Healing into the "everyday" life of the haumana (student).
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